"Anatomy of a Breakthrough" by Adam Alter

Review by Borodutch

Before reading "Anatomy of a Breakthrough," I suggest skipping straight to the conclusion. Not because the book doesn't matter — but because it matters so much that you will be forced to learn the rationale behind the decision. In conclusion, the author presents 100 ways to deal with the book's main topic: getting stuck.

Overall, I won't encapsulate all the topics Adam covered. Yet, I'd like to point out that his use of scientific research and psychology aligns with the current directions of the productivity field. While reading the book, I don't think I've ever stopped and said: "Wait, this isn't right." So feel free to apply the advice from the "Anatomy of a Breakthrough" amply. However, remember that productivity is strictly personal and dependent on the situation — your mileage might vary!

What the author does right is to demystify getting stuck and explain that this is normal with various examples of highly productive individuals. The options to overcome this state are not exhaustive but pretty helpful.

Are you getting stuck too much? Read the book. Are you not getting stuck at all? Read the book. I guess this is as good as my review gets.