"Brain Rules for Baby" by John Medina

Review by Borodutch

Yet another book on how to make sure your children grow up well! After reading many of these, "Brain Rules for Baby" hasn't surprised me much. It's all sound advice that works. The author uses peer-reviewed research and common sense to dispel some harmful myths about what to do with kids before and after they are born.

  • In the first half of pregnancy, leave the kid alone. They don't need to listen to Mozart.
  • Make sure the mother is fit, eats well, and is happy. Stress is one of the most important things to avoid during pregnancy (it has long-term implications for the child).
  • Videos and audio speech don't help children. Only when real people talk to them matters.
  • Children don't do what they are told to do; they mimic their parents. Be the person you want your child to become.
  • The best thing you can do for your child is to love your partner. Children notice all the hostility between parents.
  • Also, be rich; this helps tremendously. You'll live in better neighborhoods and have access to better services.
  • Praise effort, not results.
  • Talk about feelings. Talk through tough feelings. Be open and show children that you aren't a saint either.
  • Don't be afraid of screwing up your kid; parents contribute astonishingly little to children's characters.
  • Don't be an asshole.

Overall, if you haven't read any parenting books, this might as well be the book to start your journey with. But even if you're experienced, it offers a nice recap of existing strategies and research. I liked "Brain Rules for Baby" and can safely recommend it.