"Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Review by Borodutch

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this interpretation of "Tao Te Ching" by Lao Tzu. The author popularizes Eastern wisdom among Western readers and discusses the parallels between the 2500 years old verses and various more modern philosophies.

Even though, at times, the verses seem pretty outdated, like the ones from the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius — some of them provide tasteful nuggets of wisdom applicable in the modern world. There are similarities between the way of Dao — the philosophy discussed in this book — and stoicism. The good thing is that they don't seem to contradict but somewhat complete each other.

Basic things: be kind, don't hold grudges, give instead of taking, don't wage war, let things go, don't stress too much about current events, and focus on small things rather than trying to handle enormous ideas right away.

Overall, I don't think I can fully encapsulate all the wisdom from the book in this short review. However, I recommend reading this version of "Tao Te Ching" with the author's commentary and interpretations. After all, the original is pretty cryptic — and you will want to read it afterward.