"How to Create a Personal Brand in 10 Steps" by Michael Finney

Review by Borodutch

Do you want to stand out online or establish a better personal brand? This book is just for you. At about 17 minutes on the 2x speed, it covers all the bases of what one needs to do to take over the Internet space. The author touches on ten specific topics, yet they follow a nice cycle of brand establishment:

  1. Appear professional (website, photos/logos, promotional materials)
  2. Organize communities through events
  3. Distribute your brand (e.g. through social networks) so that new people learn about you
  4. Generate content (blog posts, podcasts, videos)
  5. Cycle the content across communities so that you reach all of your followers
  6. Re-engage with the community constantly

Michael explains in rough detail the options one has to create a powerful personal brand. Having built my brand and having benefited from it first-hand, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be recognized. The best thing you can do today is to work on your brand. This will likely get you the most upside short of winning the lottery.