"Self-Made" by Tara Isabella Burton

Review by Borodutch

The author compiled a list of the distilled people called "influencers." From the first influencer to Kim Kardashian and Trump, she explores what being "self-made" means. Unfortunately, I still didn't get whether the author says people "faked it until they made it" with a negative or positive sentiment. I feel like she praises this type of deception.

Overall, she tells the stories of people who were famous for being famous and uncovers some of the ways they achieved this — for instance, buying press articles and leaking sensitive info to the media to feed the image. In return, they got unimaginable levels of influence and wealth.

The book tells us how much of the world is fake because reality is whatever we believe in. If one can convince you they were a god — in your reality, they would be. Would I recommend reading "Self-Made"? I'm not sure. It was a nice collection of biographies with a simple premise. It will be better than watching another Netflix show, but there are probably books that will yield better practical benefits.