"Stealing Fire" by Steven Kotler

Review by Borodutch

"Stealing Fire" is another book that could have been an article. However, I'm glad the author wrote about the topic at length this time. Steven describes the states of altered consciousness, their benefits, and how people achieve them. The book primarily documents existing science and tools available nowadays.

Primarily, the author focuses on the state of "ecstasis" — when, for instance, a team of armed military personnel works as one or when the flow consumes people. The primary ways to achieve these highly productive and efficient states are meditation, psychedelic drugs, extensive training, VR and other simulations, and, more recently, equipment that zaps your brain indirectly. Steven then extensively describes the effects and occasions when people get into the altered states.

I recommend reading this book to anyone who wants to achieve an outsized impact on the world around them. Hey, most "successful" people have reported being in altered states at pivotal moments. Why would you be the outlier?