"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams

Review by Borodutch

I got tired of all this serious reading, so I picked up something light. This is the second (or the third?) time I'm going through the first book in the trilogy — the first time being over a decade ago. I'm amazed by how much I remembered wrongly and how little happened in the first book. I vaguely remember listening to the rest of the four books on Audible, but I have no recollection of the events beyond superficial knowledge.

So, here's what happens in the book (spoilers, as you're like 37 years late to read it):

  1. Earth is blown up
  2. Then, the main characters get picked up by the race that blew up Earth
  3. Then, they get spaced
  4. Then, the supporting characters pick up the main characters
  5. Then, they all go to a planet of a corporation that builds planets
  6. Then, we learn that mice are human overlords
  7. 42
  8. What's the question?
  9. A bit of action (vs. two police officers that go 💨)
  10. Off to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe!

All of this is peppered with a huge dose of humor, deus ex machinas, and overall silliness! After all, this is what the book is about. Anyway, I got exactly what I wanted — something quick, silly, and easy to read. Thank you, Douglas, and rest in peace.