"The Last Town: Wayward Pines" by Blake Crouch

Review by Borodutch

I almost feel like this trilogy could have been just one book. The narration is so intertwined that you end up reading all three. By the end of the book, I got a feeling that Blake got seriously tired by Wayward Pines and wanted to get it over with finally. I am not saying that the last book of the trilogy has disappointed me, but I did get a somewhat unpleasant, empty feeling afterward.

Like, why did we drop the B story? I get that the author did switch and bait, and that's all cool, but suddenly, it resolves itself. I won't lie: a similar B story in The Walking Dead was handled way better. But what is this third book? The central part of the conflict has already happened at the end of the second book, and here we're cleaning up the mess. And, oh boy, what a mess it is!

The book's ending was meh, especially compared with the other Crouch's books. This is good because Wayward Pines is one of the earlier works of the author, and we can see him grow. I still suggest everyone read Wayward Pines, at least for the first two books.

And now to the TV show by the books. Also, Alan Wake 2 just came out. See you next year after I finish consuming it all, lol.