"The Mindful Athlete" by George Mumford

Review by Borodutch

By now, I have read so many books on mindfulness that nothing probably can surprise me or teach me something new. It's all the same principles recycled repeatedly for different audiences. This time, the author decided to cater to the sport-loving readers. Even though the book skillfully describes the application of mindfulness to sports, if you're already familiar with the primary techniques and science behind mindfulness, you won't find anything new.

Here are the main points of the book that I've noted down:

  • Mindfulness in sports allows you to focus more on the present moment and get into the flow state.
  • The mind is like a muscle; it needs mindfulness exercises.
  • Some of the best athletes might attribute some of their successes to mindfulness.

The above does not sound like much, but this is on top of the most printed mindfulness advice. If you have never tried mindfulness but love sports, this is the book for you! If you've been into mindfulness for a long time and have read a few books, I suggest you read a summary.