"The Pathless Path" by Paul Millerd

Review by Borodutch

This book is for you if you're still working at a 9-to-5 job. There's nothing wrong with being an average employee or climbing the corporate ladder — hell, many people repeatedly race tracks for a living doing lap after lap after lap after lap. However, do you think you can exist in this never-ending cycle? I couldn't — but I was never part of a 9-to-5 gang. It was eye-opening for me even to fathom the perspective Paul outlined in "The Pathless Path." I never gave a single thought about how the average employee felt. I also never was good at office jobs ­— all this politics bores me. And whenever I'm asked to do something that doesn't matter — yeah, I bail.

However, Paul has also given the way I lived my whole life a name — the pathless path. Simultaneously, the author confirmed a few of my suspicions about such a lifestyle.

  • Don't expect things to happen fast. Good things take time. Make time your ally, not your enemy.
  • Re-evaluate life decisions set on you by mimetic desire. The things people around you want aren't necessarily the best for you.
  • Don't be constricted by the "default path." School, university, work, family, retirement, death — doesn't sound lovely.
  • Give and be given. Navigate and start generosity. Even the most minor acts can go a long way.
  • You don't owe the world anything. The world owes you nothing. Talk through it and start the journey — your journey will end, make it matter.
  • No one can take away your experience. Physical things like money, family, cars, houses, and countries can vanish. Your self-consciousness is eternal.
  • Walk off the trail and keep walking, focusing on the next step. Sometimes, you don't need a destination; walk, and you will find yourselves somewhere — maybe somewhere no one has stepped before.

Wander around. Experience the world.