"Bold" by Peter H. Diamandis

Review by Borodutch

"Bold" is a weird book. It covers a lot of exciting concepts, yet when you ask yourselves what you've learned after reading, you end up with:

  1. Building businesses growing exponentially is now possible and can be achieved by virtually anyone.
  2. To make something cool inside a company, one might use the concept of skunkworks (when a group of people is not bound by any usual company rules whose sole purpose is to innovate).
  3. Peter is so eager for readers to fund their Kickstarter projects that I think he is one of their first angels.
  4. Peter has vast plans for outer space, like mining asteroids, and partially funds this plan on Kickstarter.

The author is a prominent figure in the startup space, so his advice and what he talks about are worth listening to. However, I strongly feel that "Bold" will not survive the test of time like "Build to Last" by Collins. Well, I might undoubtedly be wrong, and only time will show.

If you're a part of the startup scene, reading "Bold" wouldn't hurt — at least to keep up with dinner conversations at VC-sponsored events. I don't regret spending my time on this title. But, at the same time, I feel like this book could have been a short article.