"Curious?" by Todd Kashdan

Review by Borodutch

OK, what was this book about? No, seriously, I have no idea. Even though I read and re-read some chapters, I still don't understand why this is a book and not a short article. I know that this, being the last book review of 2022, is disappointing, but I am genuinely curious about how I could finish a title and extract close to no knowledge from it.

The central premise that the author presents is that being curious is good. It's good for self-development, fighting anxiety, relationships, and much more. Well, duh, eating healthy and exercising are also good — but do we need a whole book to explain why?

"Curious?" is a sequence of anecdotes and theories on how and why curiosity can help with various bad conditions. But should you read it? Well, if you're curious, then go ahead and... spend your time on anything that interests you. Feel free to skip this title. You won't pick up much from it.