"Daily Dad" by Ryan Holiday

Review by Borodutch

Just as I almost wrote off Ryan as an author because of his recent stoicism cash-grab books that refurbish his earlier works, he surprised me again with this high-quality title! Like "The Daily Stoic," this book has 365 short pieces of parenting wisdom for fathers (however, mothers could also greatly benefit from reading it). "Daily Dad" is supposed to be read daily, one meditation at a time.

Overall, this is a must-read for all parents. Ryan brings common sense, logic, and the best stoic philosophy to managing kids. We're doing a lot of things that don't make sense. If someone like a nanny acted like we sometimes do, we would be furious — and righteously so! Ryan calls out many obvious pitfalls that make us worse parents and proposes fixes that are as simple as they get.

It doesn't take much to be better parents. As I noted in my book, "You don't need to be perfect — just don't be a jerk." The author reported various cases when children were traumatized for life by neglect — you know, all the stories we despise of. What's the fix for this? Be present, be a parent. Or when your kids annoy you, understand that they are kids! They will annoy you; they always do. But use stoic philosophies and remember that all things end — and these annoyances would too. However, you will remember them as "the good times" with the kids after they end. This isn't suffering or struggling; what you experience is the good stuff you'll like in the future! So act like it.

"Daily Dad" has undoubtedly made me better as a father, and I'm infinitely thankful to Ryan once again for sharing this knowledge. I recommend reading this book to everyone. Ryan redeemed himself as a great author once again!