"How to Live" by Derek Sivers

Review by Borodutch

If you ask ChatGPT to write 200+ short motivational pieces of advice like an 18-year-old first-time business person, you will get something more tangible than what the author presented in "How to Live." I can see why some people like the title — it contradicts itself to an extreme, thus catering to all sides of any topic.

Derek recommends to mary and stay loyal to their partner but simultaneously have children on all six continents with different people. Then he says that conservatism is wrong and one should aim for change while also saying that one should follow the traditions and not think fools created them. The advice in the book is so all over the place, and so taken out of thin air that I could barely finish it!

I can save you the trouble and money. The primary advice that Derek is trying to push is the motivational "do good, and things will get better; don't do bad, and things won't get worse" bullshit.

Remember how I recommended "Excellent Advice for Living"? Well, "How to Live" is the polar opposite of that book. The idea is the same: gathering a lot of straightforward advice to help the readers. However, instead of profound, timeless wisdom, you get crap like "At every little decision, ten times a day, choose the thing you haven't tried" and "Get rich."

Also, spend 12 hours a day working on your business, 15 hours a day with your children, get 8 hours of sleep, spend 5 hours creating art, 11 hours with your hobby, don't forget to spend at least 3 hours with your pets, spend 10 hours with your significant other — and you surely will be happy! This is what most of Derek's advice sounds like. It's nonsense that only a person without experience on the fool's peak can blurt out.

I know that my last reviews seem bleak and angry — but that's because I seemed to have found a deep hole of motivational books that somewhy are praised by many people. Don't worry; I'm almost done with all the short bullshit titles made to impress simple-minded inexperienced folks and make money on them.