"Infectious Generosity" by Chris Anderson

Review by Borodutch

"Infectious Generosity" is a great book, but it should have been a TED talk or an article. The author says the following:

  1. People are inherently generous.
  2. We must give and be generous.
  3. We must do so mindfully by contributing to causes that can "infect" others to be generous.

Chris comes in strong with various life anecdotes on how people gave and "infected" others to give, too. Some parts of the book reminded me of the "Doing Good Better" book, which is no surprise as e/acc was mentioned explicitly by the author.

Overall, it doesn't hurt to read such books. After finishing it, the first thing I did was to brush off my donor card and go to donate blood the same day. So, one might say that the book at least did this to the world!

Also, go donate blood. It is effortless, free, easy, and saves lives. Cheers!