"Joy on Demand" by Chade-Meng Tan

Review by Borodutch

"Joy on Demand" is a different type of book on meditation. Over the last few years that I meditate, I read half a dozen books on the topic. Tan's manuscript stands out because this time, I can suggest reading it to a friend who has never even thought about meditation. It is so easy in the approach and so eye-opening that even I — a self-proclaimed expert on reading scientific studies about meditation — found a lot of life-improving advice.

Here's what I took away from the book:

  • Even "one-breath meditation" is beneficial.
  • It is almost impossible not to be grateful for something, e.g., clean water, no war, loving friends, healthy family, etc.
  • The "gone" meditation: everything has a beginning and an end; notice when things (like thoughts) are gone. Here they are. And now they are gone, forever.

I've been sporting my brand-new barefoot shoes and walking in the forest while listening to the book. At some point, I stopped and cried. I cried for a good minute. I felt so connected to the Earth and, at the same time, so grateful for everything I had.

No doubt, "Joy on Demand" made me a happier person. Again, this is now the book I recommend to all my friends who want to start (or can benefit from) meditation.