"Plays Well with Others" by Eric Barker

Review by Borodutch

A few people recommended "Plays Well with Others" to me simultaneously, so I thought: why not read it next? The author did not disappoint me! Overall, the book's topic is communicating with surrounding people more efficiently. Eric debunks many myths and misconceptions about how we perceive the world and others and then provides advice on how to get better at it.

There are five main lessons:

  1. We are terrible at detecting lies (incidentally, I touch on the research in my book)
  2. The more friends you have, the longer you will live (and to build better friendships, you need to invest time and show vulnerability)
  3. To have better marriages, talk about the issues — marriages end with silence, not with a bang (hehe, the first part of my book expands on this concept)
  4. The best way to have a lasting marriage (and friendships) is to do exciting things together
  5. Lonely people aren't always alone — to combat loneliness, join or establish groups and do fun stuff together

I loved this book partially because I have already researched and confirmed most of the author's points with scientific papers. However, this is still a great outline with almost no water about how to improve your relationships and life. I highly suggest skipping summaries of the book and picking up "Plays Well with Others" as the next title you read or listen to.