"UFOs and the National Security State" by Richard M. Dolan

Review by Borodutch

Oh. My. God. I have always been a skeptic of extra-terrestrial life. Still, with recent events with the whistleblowers testifying under oath in front of the U.S. Senate and strange metallic orbs flying around the world maneuvring beyond human technology confirmed by NASA and the Pentagon, I decided to dig deeper into the topic. I started with "A.D. After Disclosure" by Dolan to figure out how things might unravel now, but I quickly got into this rabbit hole of various evidence on alien life. Oh, boys and girls, I have not expected this.

I only listened to the first part of "UFOs and the National Security State" (because the second part isn't available as an audiobook yet), which covers the conspiracy hiding aliens and all the reports from 1941 to 1973. Some (if not most) of the reports are pretty bogus. Still, the sheer number of them and some gems sound credible and rhyme with the currently released intelligence (e.g., metallic orbs sighting from 1967), making me lean towards the alien hypothesis more.

People who don't believe in aliens have probably never tried to research the subject. Suppose you look at the number of sightings, reports of tens of thousands of people (including extremely credible sources higher up in the chain of command), and completely ridiculous explanations of unelected officials. In that case, you start giving more weight to the ET life hypothesis. I now understand why so many bright and rational people believe this — the amount of evidence is eerily massive!

Moreover, reports were (and are) coming from all around the world — including Russia, Brazil, China, India, Europe, Africa, etc. No people who reported the sightings got anything from the reports except for ridicule. I cannot believe that a radar picking up lightning for 20 minutes or experienced pilots chasing Venus or Saturn in the sky can ever be valid explanations in some cases.

This book must be read (or listened to) by anyone who tries to figure out why so many intelligent people believe in extra-terrestrial life. With the current media ridicule doctrine, it is close to impossible to give a hypothesis that has more evidence than the string theory any chance. Do not try to rationalize or use logic with incomplete data — read the reports (at least provided, categorized, and laid out chronologically by the author); you increase the chances of being wrong. Complete your data set, read the reports, and make your conclusions.