"Wayward: Wayward Pines" by Blake Crouch

Review by Borodutch

Remember my review of the previous book in this trilogy? I praised Crouch in it so much; you can assume I'd do the same again here. Everything good from the previous book smoothly transitioned into the second part of Wayward Pines. Except it got better: instead of diving deeper into the Twin Peaks territory, the author got into the early seasons of The Walking Dead feeling.

Indeed, reading "Wayward" is like reading a spin-off of The Walking Dead with one of the best "villains" imaginable. Until the end, you don't know the truth — or try not to know it. What happens next is so unimaginable that Kirkman would be proud (the creator of The Walking Dead).

The author advances the story at a rapid pace. The characters and flashbacks revealing their backstories are a chef's kiss. This part doesn't have much sci-fi — but it doesn't need any as it is mostly about humans. It is, again, difficult to talk about Wayward Pines because I'm afraid of spoiling it. If you haven't done so already — pick up the first book; you won't regret it. Keep reading if you're already through the first; the sequel doesn't spoil the good feelings!