"When Things Fall Apart" by Pema Chodron

Review by Borodutch

I did not understand "When Things Fall Apart." I'm not exactly sure what I've read. It's a self-help book, a Buddhist teaching, and a meditation guide. The aftertaste is the weirdest: you feel like the author is part of a cult and tries to normalize a cult. I have no context about the author, but I got this idea after she described an almost intimate relationship with her mentor.

Overall, amidst Tibetan vocabulary, the book reiterates the following points from Buddhism:

  1. Embrace the fear, and it will pass
  2. Question hopes and fears to eliminate dissatisfaction
  3. Embrace egolessness, suffering, and impermanence

Yeah, I don't know if these three points (plus a lesson in Tibetan) are enough for a book that is this long. Mostly, the author repeats herself over and over again. She explains the same things from a variety of angles. Do I feel good after finishing this title? I certainly can't say that, so I can't recommend "When Things Fall Apart."